Enjoy the liberty of being like a kid again. Fearless and playful. 

Aerial Hammock classes explore movements that are either suspended or supported by the silk fabric hammock. Whether you’re after a restful, blissful guided meditation or a playful session of movements and shapes aerial classes are a beautiful way to nurture the innner child with playfulness and self-care. 

Aerial Strength & Conditioning

While aerial hammock classes can be gentle and nurturing its also possible to explore building strength and flexibility with dynamic excersises. These classes are great for building safe support in the joints and muscles to advannce your aerial practice or any other physical practice. 

Yoga Flows & Shapes

Aerial yoga flows incorporate yoga shapes and variations where you are fully supported by the hammock to build strength and explore flexibility and range of movement in a way that is not always accessible in a group yoga class. These classes build strength and confidence with the aerial hammock. 

Aerial Therapy One-to-One

Relieve stress and tension with Aerial Therapy. This is a one-to-one offering where you are guided through gentle restorative movements, receive adjustments and body work tailored specifically to you. Send me a message through the contact form below for bookings. 

Restorative Hammock Classes

Restorative aerial class is for when you want to nurture your wellbeing. These classes are a guided meditation on body awareness and gentle dynamic movement that will allow the body to restore to its natural, healthy balanced state of calm and feeling energised.