Move through this qigong exercise to mobilise the spine and stimulate the lung tissues.

Follow along or scroll below if you’d like to know about the movement in the video ?

The RESET is great for

? beginners

? grounding

? increasing blood flow

? releasing the spine and other joints

? first thing in the morning

? rebalancing your energy

Physical benefits of this movement
  • nourish and mobilise the spine
  • stimulate the lung tissues
Mental/ Emotional benefits of this movement
  • feeling emotionally balanced
  • focusing the mind
Energetic effects of this movement
  • clearing stagnant energy
  • cultivating energy
Tips for following this video:
  • Keep the tailbone annchored towards the ground throughout the movement.
  • Articulate the spine joint by joint as your move.
  • Send energy all the way to the finger tips.
  • Imagine holding a big ball of energy, turn through the spine as your move from one side to the other.
  • Move from your lower back/belly area. Learn how to access your lower dantien and  apply it to this movement.

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