This October I’m celebrating a whole YEAR of move muse! ??Yes – a whole year already!! Where does the time go??

Firstly, a massive THANK YOU to everyone who comes to share a beautiful practice with me every week.?? I’m enjoying creating and growing this little community of mindful movement. Another huge THANK YOU to Jessica Vetrisano & fam at Karate Academy Sydney for letting me call the dojo home. ??

Healing and self-knowledge through movement and feeling brings me so much joy and even more to be able to share it with others. In celebratory spirit I’m putting on three workshops, totally free to guide you in the core principles of the practices that I share. Don’t miss out on this awesome and rare opportunity to connect deeper to energy, nature and yourself.


1. Dantien Connection – Sunday 13th October: 9-10am

2. Find your flow, move like water. Sunday 20th October: 9-10am

3. Observing Stillness – Sunday 27th October: 9-10am

Open to EVERYONE! Make sure to RSVP through the facebook or website event. ?



All newcomers can trial any one of the timetabled classes totally free throughout the month. This includes yoga, beginners yoga, qigong, mobility & hormone balancing. Share the news or get in touch to book your trial ASAP.

Please note that I only run classes for a minimum of 2 people – this is a great opportunity to bring friends and family to share an energising practice with. RSVP

Happy October – see you soon!