Move through this qigong exercise to cultivate playful energy & coordiantion skills.

Follow along or scroll below if you’d like to know about the movement in the video ?

Physical benefits of this movement
  • encourage blood flow
  • nourish and lengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • mobilise and nourish the spine and all joints
Mental/ Emotional benefits of this movement
  • clear & focused mind
  • cultivating a sense of playfulness (imitating monkeys)
  • encouraging deeper mind-body awareness
  • training coordination
Energetic effects of this movement
  • energising
  • grounding
Tips for following this video:
  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart & knees soft.
  • Keep the tailbone anchored towards the ground.
  • Send energy to the fingertips and reach as far as you can pressing through the palms.
  • Once you feel comfortable with where to move, add detail and make it smoother.
  • To advance your practice learn how to access your lower dantien hereLINK and then apply it to this movement.
  • If you enjoy this movement try these other mokney movements: LINK

If you would like to know more or you are interested in private or group training in qigong you can find a local class on my timetable or enquire about one-to-one sessions through the following links: Class Timetable, One-to-one sessions


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