Practical Activity 1: Body Awareness exercise *voice over and film a seated meditation*

Take a seat somewhere quiet. Either on a chair or the floor, wherever you’re most comfortable. If you feel safe to close your eyes you can do that. Picture your brain in your mind’s eye. Imagine looking inside your head and then imagine being inside your head. Notice the perspective shift. You can probably feel your ears. Take yourself down from the head to the chest, to the upper back and notice what it feels like in your face. 

Take yourself now to your abdomen. Watch how it feels from the inside as the ribs move with the breath. Start to send yourself now into your legs, travelling slowly in the direction of your feet until you reach the toes. Now come to the shoulders and travel slowly down the arms towards the hands until you reach the tips of your fingers. 

Notice how you feel right now. Notice what it feels like to be inside your body. When you are ready you can open your eyes. 

How do you feel right now? Do you feel peaceful? Calm? Grounded? Maybe you feel nothing or maybe you’re feeling something completely different, and that’s okay too. 

Was the exercise easy to do? Was it perhaps easier to send your mind’s eye to the head or chest but not the fingers and toes? Just notice whatever it was for you.