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Intuitive Energy HealingUpcoming Events

Meet yourself deeper. Get to know your cells.

Explore the intuitive healing modalities I offer.

Intuitive Energy Healing & Bodywork

Release physical & emotional tension to rebalance body, mind & spirit.

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Mindful Movement

Dive deeper into movement and breath with focused workshops.

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Embark on a journey of self-transformation with Breathwork.

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Reset Your Feet

Your feet carry you everywhere. See what happens when you reset them.

Upcoming Events

Learn new skills, deepen your personal practice, experience nourishing emotional freedom.


22jun10:30 am12:00 pmCalligraphy Health Qigong Workshop: Eagle Sequence

29jun5:30 pm8:30 pmBREATHEA transformative breathwork journey

Meet Megan

Megan’s calm and grounded nature evokes a sense of self-nurturing, clarity, growth and strength as she guides you to open up an empowering dialogue with your body through movement. She shares a unique and intuitive blend of modalities weaving together the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual with the underlying principles of awareness, honesty, support and flow.

She is trained in Calligraphy Health (QiGong & Internal Energetics), Yoga, Pilates, Breathwork, Thai massage and various other modalities that she intuitively weaves together to explore mind-body connections.

Megan teaches a weekly class COSMIC Flow, hosts regular workshops and offers her healing modalities at Temple of Mastery in Sydney.

Join my Weekly Class

Learn how to open up your body to move energy. Every Friday 10am at Temple of Mastery.


28jun10:00 am11:00 amCOSMIC FLOWWeekly Class at Temple of Mastery


“Megan I gotta tell you, as I have been integrating more, I just want to say that it was honestly the most incredible experience to receive from you. I just think you are so gifted, a beautiful bridge between worlds, so divine and connected and yet so humble and grounded. And everyone needs to know how special it is to be held by you! “

-Amy G.

“The body therapy that Megan offers is unlike anything I’ve experienced before, one of the most restorative experiences I’ve had. I always leave the sessions feeling lighter, more connected to my body, safe and held. Megan is amazing at what she does and incredibly generous with her knowledge.”

-Kate B.

“I recently attended one of Megan’s Qigong workshop. Megan’s style is beautiful,graceful, harmonious and mesmerising. You are an amazing teacher. A true master of the internal arts . If you have been curious about Qigong and internal arts but never tried this wonderful practice, Megan’s workshops are the perfect place to start. Thank you Megan. Looking forward to many more qigong workshops.”


“Words can’t actually describe the profound healing I’ve had over the few healing sessions I’ve had with Megan. I’ve seen a number of body workers over the years and no one has been able to get me to release my stuck emotions the way she did. She is a wealth of knowledge and not afraid to share it with you. You don’t have to say much to her either, she can feel exactly what she needs to do. You are a godsend my dear, can’t wait until my next session with you. In gratitude””

– Tanya G.

“Megan is gifted in being able to feel and move blocked energy around chakras. Just like Tanya, one may experience emotional release and even bursts of laughter. As we move forward with health in society, I believe the collective will seek energetic and emotional healing before the tension & stress in our mind and body turns into disease. Just like the ancients practiced. I’ve had a few sessions with Megan and can say she is powerfully gifted, nurtutring and wise.”

-Derryn W.

“Today I had a Body Therapy & Re-grounding session with Megan and it felt incredible! First, she did a more intense work on my feet with some cool gadgets, releasing tension from the soles and freeing up the toes. Then, she followed with more gentle techniques that made me feel relaxed and taken care of. When I got up to walk again I felt so many new sensations, not only in my feet but also in the rest of the body. A general sense or ease and lightness and a strong connection to the ground.

Megan’s touch on the body is firm but nurturing. She is also very knowledgeable, a great listener and a beautiful human being. I would recommend everyone to book a session with Megan and experience her lovely work.”

-Sandra G.

“I attended a beautiful breathwork with Megan, and the very first word that came to mind was the feeling of being held. She held us through the experience ever so gently, right from the beginning making us all feel safe within the space she’s created, with the company of other breathers, and also within ourselves. She explained what’s about to unfold which I found really helpful and interesting as it was my first breathwork session (certainly wont be the last). I left the session feeling more in tune with myself and more grounded. Thank you again Megan and I look forward to attending another session.”
-Hershey J.