About Megan

Megan’s calm and grounded nature evokes a sense of self-nurturing, clarity, growth and strength as she guides you to open up an empowering dialogue with your body through movement & deep self awareness. She shares a unique and intuitive blend of modalities weaving together the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in flow.

Her cultivation of a mindful movement practice began when she was brought back into her body by intelligently cued yoga sequences that synchronised the focus of the mind with breath and movement. She has since become a qualified instructor of Yoga, Calligraphy Health (QiGong & NeiGong), Pilates and Breathwork. She is a certified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner and holds a double degree; Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Anthropology and Bachelor of Science specialising in Neuroscience. She intuitively weaves together her knowledge & experience to create workshops and offerings. Megan teaches regular workshops in movement, mindfulness & breathwork in Sydney as well as online and she works 1:1 with Body Therapy, feet resets and Transformative Breathwork.

Megan has a keen interest in bioenergetics and the nervous system, specifically in relation to movement and emotions. She is inspired by the power reclaimed through self knowledge in how the body works and can be used to optimise one’s health and wellbeing through very simple and noninvasive practices and is grateful to show others how they too can empower themselves.

I know what it’s like to feel lost, without purpose and too young for my body to be falling apart. I became curious about mindful movement because movement is where I discovered my power to heal and to shift stress and trauma. When we relearn to move our bodies, breath and minds we truly come alive!

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move muse

Move Muse is an accumulative hub of the various modalities and tools that I’ve taken on to support my transitions, regressions and transformations through my life. It’s a melting pot where it all comes together and I offer it up to you as a guiding light to walk you back home to yourself through the power of movement.

All matter is energy in motion, all the way down to a cellular level (even atomic!) you are moving. At one point or another we all hold on to experiences that deeply affect us, these can be positive or negative and when these experiences are held onto they start to become mental, emotional and physical ‘roadblocks’ that can turn into chronic stress, illness or disease. Move Muse is my way of sharing with you the many tools and methods for getting this energy to move freely again.