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What is Body Therapy?

Body Therapy is an informed and intuitive fusion of my knowledge and experience in Eastern and Western training. Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is the foundation of a Body Therapy session and I weave in my knowledge of qigong, yoga, trauma and neurophysiology to stimulate your cells nnatural intelligence for healing and reset.

Body Therapy is for anyone curious to experience deep healing through somatosensory awarenes. I can help  to release tired muscles and improve physical mobility. I also offer relief from chronic stress and fatigue, or injury in a safe, trauma aware ennvironment. These sesions will cultivate a deep mind-body connection and empower you to let go of stagnant energy.


What can I expect in a treatment?

Body Therapy sessions are full clothed, deeply relaxing sessions of acupressure techninques and guided body awareness. Common feedback includes a sense of lightnenss, yet very grounded and deeply peaceful. 

Release physical and emotional tensionfrom your body.

Benefits of Body Therapy

  • Improved sense of peace and calm
  • Deep relaxation
  • Balance Nervous System response
  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Increase body awareness
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve mobility
  • Improve organ function
  • Detoxify body & mind
  • .. I could go on forever!

Who is Body Therapy for?

Body Therapy is for anyone & everyone but perhaps one or more of the following points will resonate with you.

  • You feel tired, stuck or depleted often.
  • You want a stronger connection with your body.
  • You feel the need to relax.
  • You seek to improve your blood flow, mobility and immunity.
  • You have tired or tight muscles
  • You experience chronic fatigue or pain.
  • You experience stress, anxiety or depression.

How Body Therapy works.

Drawing on my training and studies in various eastern and western modalities and knowledge systems Body Therapy sessions are tailored to create a gentle and deeply peaceful connection with the body to promote parasympathetic generation of the body’s ability to heal.

Body Therapy fuses what I have learned from Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Qigong, Yoga and Western anatomy, physiology and neuroscience.


Rebalancing the Nervous System

When the body is under a lot of pressure and stress, either physically or mentally, the sympathetic nervous system is chronically stimulated to combat stress. When the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is active, the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) takes a back seat. The PNS is the soothing and rejuvenating aspect of our nervous system that activated the body’s natural capacity to heal, replenish and repair. Body Therapy re-engages your ‘rest & digest’ PSN reminding your body how to find a calm state within and release stagnant energy and blockages in the form of physical, mental and emotional tension.

Body Therapy sessions are different for every person and every treatment. I work intuitively in the moment with a foundation of Thai Yoga Massage; a gentle acupressure and rhythmic rocking and rolling to physically release muscles and joints and stimulate blood flow. I work with you guide your attention into your body to reintegrate your awareness with blocked parts of your body.

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Body Therapy sessions are available Thu – Sat