Nourish yourself with Body Therapy

Body Therapy is a culmination of my skills, knowledge and experience with the body. Each session brings together my knowledge of Thai yoga massage, yoga and qigong as well as a scientific enquiry into the neuroscience and  physiology of stress and trauma. 

Body Therapy is for anyone curious to experience deep healing through somatosensory awareness and cellular stimulation that promotes the natural intelligence of your body to self heal and reset. No two Body Therapy sessions are the same, and in most case there is much stillness and nuturing that can bring releif for chronic stress and fatigue as well as other gentle benefits. These sessions are suitable for anybody. 

What can I expect in a Body Therapy treatment?

Body Therapy sessions are full clothed, deeply relaxing sessions of acupressure techninques and guided body awareness. Common feedback includes a sense of lightnenss, yet very grounded and deeply peaceful.

Body Therapy sessions are available at The Wellness Hotel, Bangor Mon, Tue, Wed & Sat