Nourish yourself with Body Therapy

What is Body Therapy?

Body Therapy is intuitive body work that hones in on the nervous system and its ability to come back into balance through a state of deep rest and relaxation. When the brain receives the message that you are safe, your nervous system permits the flow of energy and nutrients towards the life giving organs to increase.

Body Therapy is a gentle and nurturing fusion of acupressure techniques and energy healing that bring you back into balance. The techniques I use draw upon Thai Yoga Massage, Qigong, Yoga, anatomy, physiology, the neuroscience of stress and trauma as well as much of my own experience.

thai yoga massage bw

How is Body Therapy different to Massage?

It’s next level! Massage often focuses on the muscles or just one aspect of the body systems whereas Body Therapy is truly holistic and often more gentle.

Body Therapy sessions are oil free, fully clothed and face up.

Body Therapy doesnt focus on, or try to ‘fix’ a physical condition, injury or concern. There’s no poking and massaging of knots – it’s completely pain-free. The gentle work brings your body into a state of deep rest which encourgaes your body’s natural healing ability by releasing stress and promoting blood flow.

Body Therapy is for anyone curious to experience deep healing through somatosensory awareness and cellular stimulation that promotes the natural intelligence of your body to self heal and reset. No two Body Therapy sessions are the same, and in most case there is much stillness and nuturing that can bring releif for chronic stress and fatigue as well as other gentle benefits. These sessions are suitable for anybody.

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