Releasing Tight Muscles Doesn’t Have to Hurt

If foam rolling and deep tissue massage puts you in more pain than you were already in, you likely don’t need it. If foam rolling and deep tissue massage don’t feel delicious to you, its time you tried a different approach. 

The key to releasing tight, tired and sore muscles is rest and encouraging blood flow. For most people, deep tissue massage or foam rolling won’t work because they live in a constant state of stress and fear that layers on over days, weeks and years. What’s often the case, is that the same people are completely unaware of just how much stress and tension they carry in their bodies. 

Rest is more than just sleep. 

We are thinking, feeling, doing beings. Our stress is an accumulation of mental and emotional baggage that we store in our cells and this baggage is from way back when were babies and children learning how to be in the world. Unfortunately, from a very young age most of us learn to  ‘survive’ by pleasing or not upsetting our carers/ parents. In essence, we learn at a very young age to suppress our wants and needs. This topic alone deserves its own book. To understand this effect in our adult life, it is essentially the experience of not feeling like you are living the life you really want to be living. You don’t feel fulfilled in your life. 

The energy of emotions, thoughts and our physical movements need to be fluid and freely expressed to some extent to feel a sense of wellbeing in our lives. If we obsess over thoughts we create headaches and tension if we don’t know how to resolve the thought problem. If we overthink or over worry for long periods of time we are in a state of fear and uncertainty which can throw our internal organs and hormones off balance because they are working extra hard to counteract the stress hormones that we chronically produce. More obviously, our physiology is affected by our emotions. Imagine how you feel when you are with someone you love, when you are feeling happy. And imagine also how you feel in your body when you are sad, angry or grieving. When we are not able to fully process or release the experiences that make us feel this way we can also throw the internal physiological systems out of balance. When our organs are chronically overworked, its no wonder that our hormones are out of whack and then its easier to understand why the body struggles to repair itself when we are tired, injured, or just physically overworked. 

The path to holistic recovery is through cultivating awareness, allowing energy to move through you, and to encourage blood flow through the body in the most effective way. 

Let me introduce you to Body Therapy. 

Body Therapy is gentle intuitive body work. In a session I will work from the feet up releasing blockages through various techniques that allow the mind-body spirit to feel safe and deeply relaxed. When we feel safe and find a deep state of relaxation the organs can rest and the nervous system can settle. The first session reminds your mind and body that relaxation and deep rest is possible. Regular sessions encourage the pattern in the body to seek inner peace and quiet. 

yoga blankets arranged on the floor with a pillow, bolsters in the background & a mandala on the wall