“Each of us has his or her own natural pharmacopeia. The very finest drug store available at the cheapest cost. To produce all the drugs we’d ever need to run our body mind and precisely the way it was designed over centuries of evolution to run. Research needs to focus on understanding the workings of these natural resources our own endogenous drugs so that we can create the conditions that will enable them to do what they do best with minimal  interference from exogenous substances. But when they can’t do their job, such research will enable us to create mimetic drugs.“

This book offers a glimpse into the world of a neuroscientist (a lady one no doubt) in the 70s and 80s and her personal journey to appreciating the molecular transmission of information in the body. This is the story of Candace’s journey through the scientific world and how she came to understand and appreciate the endogenous pharmacopeia inside us all amidst the all too familiar politics of an institution as well as a spiritual journey to (or rather back to) the emotions.