Learn a foundational qigong skill – dantien rolling 2.

Follow along or scroll below if you’d like to know about the movement in the video ?

Now that you are familiar with the dantien rolling in one direction. Start to move this way and eventually be able to move in any direction. If you haven’t already seen the first video on Dantien rolling you can watch it here.

Physical benefits of this skill
  • deeper access and reach to nourish the body
Mental/ Emotional benefits of this skill
  • deeper and strogner access tto quickly clear stagnant or stuck energy.
Energetic effects of this skill
  • powerful grounding, calming, clearing aplification
Tips for following this video:
  • Keep the tailbone annchored towards the ground throughout the movement.
  • Articulate the spine joint by joint as your move.
  • Send energy all the way to the finger tips.
  • Imagine holding a big ball of energy, turn through the spine as your move from one side to the other.
  • Move from your lower back/belly area. Learn how to access your lower dantien and  apply it to this movement.

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