I’m going to guide you through a beginners belly breath. Its something that is really simple to do and doesnt take much time at all. It is perfect for reducing your stress and boosting your energy.

First I’ll explain how to do the breathwork and then Im going to guide you through ten breaths.

Let’s start!

Lay down somewhere comfortable and quiet. You could do this in your bred or laying on the ground wherever you like. You can use props to get comfy if you need; a pillow under your head, you can have a pilllow or bolsters, or rolled up blankets or towels under your knees.

Once you’re set up, bring the palms of your hands to your lower belly with the fingers spread open and connect the finger pads to your belly.

Direct your inhale into your lower belly gently allowing the belly to fully expand like a balloon filling with air and then with your exhale allow the belly to deflate and sink back down towards the spine.

Make sure your breath stays comfortable and calm. It shouldnt be forced. Dont feel like you need to breathe more than normal or extend your exhale. Its perfectly normal that your exhale might be shorter than your inhale, just let it be natural at this stage.

It’s perfectly normal as well if it feels it’s tricky to get the hang of in the beginning. Especially if you haven’t done any breathwork before. Just take your time and hold that intention that the belly is gently expanding and sinking back.

Let’s do ten belly breaths!

Stay tuned because I will eventually be putting out a video offering some techniques to level up your belly breathing so you can go deeper.