Rehabilitation, Strength & Balance

Joseph Pilates created what is today known as Pilates, a functional rehabilitative exercise repetoire that is holistic and dynamic in its approach to mobilising and strengthening the human body.


Recover Strength with Pilates

Strengthen & Tone – Sculpt your body to look and feel great.

Focus – Build body awareness through your practice to destress and clear your mind. 

Relieve Pain –  Support your posture and relieve pain with a stable spine.

Recover from Injury – Regain strength & mobility with gentle and targeted exercises.

Build a Strong Core – Strengthen annd mobilise your core for optimum health & mobility.

Correct Imbalances – Train a personalised program to balance strength and posture.

Mat Pilates

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Reformer Pilates

lady standing in warrior yoga pose

$40 Private Reformer Lessons until June 2022

If you’ve ever thought that private Reformer Pilates lessons would be ideal – now is the time to take them!

I’m offering four places a week at my home studio for private Reformer Pilates lessons – come once or make a regular commitment, the choice is yours – the $40 offer lasts until June 2022 only.

If you’ve ever been to group classes and felt like you need just a bit more attention from the teacher to refine your practice or maybe you’re not interested in a group setting for whatever reason – this is for you!

I can’t wait to work with you one-to-one to help you meet your health, wellness and mobility goals!

Book your Private Reformer Lessons below!