Joseph Pilates created what is today known as Pilates, a functional rehabilitative exercise repetoire that is holistic and dynamic in its approach to mobilising and strengthening the human body.

Pilates in its various forms is a great way to:

Strengthen & Tone – Sculpt your body to look and feel great.

Build a Strong Core – Strengthen annd mobilise your core for optimum health & mobility.

Correct Imbalances – Train a personalised program to balance strength and posture.

Relieve Pain –  Support your posture and relieve pain with a stable spine.

Recover from Injury – Regain strength & mobility with gentle and targeted exercises.

Focus – Build body awareness through your practice to destress and clear your mind. 


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My journey with Pilates

My first ever Pilates class was at work, during my lunch break and it was instructed by a colleague who was transtioning out of her corporate accounting role and into the world of Pilates! I guess you could say it was my first exposure to the alternate lifestyle of a movement coach.

I felt challenged and energised immediately and really enjoyed the alignment cues which brought me deeper awareness of my posture and strength. When I returned home to Australia I joined a friend at Reformer Pilates classes and although the machinery looked a little intimidating, the dynamic strength grew quickly as I consistently frequented my favourite teacher’s class. Reformer Pilates advanced my aerial circus capabilities like nothing before! Fast forward through my yoga and qigong training and here I am a qualified Pilates instructor too because all forms of movement have something to offer my own wellness and that of my clients.