Do this qigong exercise to ground your energy and ease anxiety.

Follow along or scroll below if you’d like to know about the movement in the video ?

This movement connnnects you with earth energy, grounding you. Its a great practice to ease anxiety by focusing on a smooth, flowing repetitive movement. The motion is also great for promoting healthy blood flow.

Physical benefits of this movement
  • nourish and mobilise the spine
  • encourage blood flow
  • nonurish and lengthen muscles and ligaments, particularly around the shoulders
  • warm up hands and feet
Mental/ Emotional benefits of this movement
  • clear & focused mind
  • feeling emotionally balanced
  • relief from anxiety and stress
Energetic effects of this movement
  • grounding your energy
  • feeling calm, relaxed, energised
Tips for following this video:
  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Keep the tailbone annchored towards the ground throughout the movement.
  • Articulate the spine joint by joint as your move.
  • Send energy all the way to the finger tips.
  • Imagine a resistance in your movement. i.e pushing or pulling something heavy
  • To advance your practice learn how to access your lower dantien and then apply it to this movement.

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