Transformative Breath Work

Breathe to Release

By now most of us are aware of how we can use our breath to create instant calm and balance but did you know it’s possible to shed layers of deeply held stress and stories about how and who we are through breath work?

1:1 transformative breath work sessions are a safe space for you to check in and let go. Sessions vary from person to person as we each have our own paths to follow and experiences that we hold on to. In my own experience and of those that I have witnessed, each journey is profoundly relieving with a sense of deep peace, feeling light, feeling centred, connected and alive.

Generally, transformative breath work sessions involve a period of intense, rapid breathing. I like to explain the experience as consciously taking yourself to a stressful physiological state to release stored or trapped energy, emotions or experience. When you are able meet stress in an environment where you know you are safe, trauma can release quite quickly and profoundly without retraumatising.

1:1 transformative sessions are ideal for you if you have a specific intention you would like to work on with guidance. It’s also ideal for you if a group session sounds daunting.

Want to find out more? Reach out through my contact form or email and we can chat. If you’re ready to book, make an appointment below.

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