As a well cut diamond has many facets, each reflecting a different colour of light, so does the word yoga, each reflecting a different shade of meaning, and revealing different aspects of the entire range of human endeavour to win inner peace and happiness.”

– B.K.S Iyengar

Yoga as self-discovery

Yoga – the union of self with Self. A meditation and an art that sharpens the mind and the body to allow spirit to do what it wants to do effortlessly. I believe yoga is and should be accessible for everyone. Yoga is a means of gaining greater insight in to the nature of what our minds and bodies can do. We can use these skills to accomplish great physical feats or we can use these techniques far more holistically to preserve the body any mind by learning movements that release blockages and tension within that come from physical, mental and emotional stress. 

I teach hatha yoga applying Yoga Synergy methods as well as Calligraphy Health principles so that yoga can be accessible and stimulating for all levels of experience and ability. 

The benefits of yoga

Meditation – Learn endless techniques to focus the mind for peace and clarity. 

Relaxation – Destress by opening up your body to regulate breathing and blood flow.

Relieve Stress & Anxiety –  Through body-self awareness you can rediscover your body in a safe environment at your pace and regain control of your body & mind. 

Mobility – Learn how to safely mobilise and protect your joints to stay active and/or to manage injuries. 

Strength & Flexibility – Creating the right balance between these two is key to yoga whether you are interested in something tangible, or mindful. 

Trauma Aware Yoga

My yoga classes are instructed in a way that is trauma aware. This means that you are encouraged and empowered to explore and discover your body in a gentle and receptive manner that feels safe and okay for you. If you prefer yoga guidance in a private setting please get in touch. You may benefit from visiting my page on Trauma Awareness

My journey

I first explored yoga at 18 when I lived in London and tried Bikram (hot yoga). I loved how it felt to zone out and follow a sequence that got my blood moving and my mind focused. I was often put off by all the fluff about heart opening and being one with the universe though. I found yoga again in 2014 in Sydney and instantly felt hooked on the Yoga Synergy method. I found a connection to my body that was just never there before and so my insatiable curiosity for all things mind, body and healing began. I found Calligraphy Health while I was at yoga teacher training and even enrolled myself into uni to study neuroscience and anthropology so that I could learn what was going on inside and out from a traditional, modern, western perspective.

I love yoga because it led me to a deeper understanding of my physical and mental body. I’ve learnt how to safely and effectively use my body in yoga and in everyday life for optimum energy and sense of wellbeing. If you’re new to yoga or already familiar and are curious to explore a deeper awareness of your body I’d love to have you in class. I am available for private bookings and I teach a weekly class in Sydney.