Body Therapy at the Wellness Hotel

Nourish your Nervous System

Body Therapy sessions at The Wellness Hotel in Bangor are fully clothed, deeply relaxing sessions of acupressure techninques and guided body awareness. Common feedback includes a sense of lightnenss, yet very grounded and deeply peaceful.

Beyond Massage

Body Therapy sessions can be likened to gentle massage, or gentle body work. Unlike deep tissue massage, your tender points are never provoked or exacerbated. Instead I work through and around the many layers of tissue to bring fresh blood around the blockages. I also encourage joint mobility to aid in the nourishment of tired muscles and dry fascia.

Body Therapy in Bangor

Body Therapy sessions are held at The Wellness Hotel in Bangor. Your session may be floor based or on a massage table. There are no oils used as sessions are fully clothed. Body Therapy sessions are the perfect compliment to the various services offered at the Wellness Hotel.

Sessions are 1 hour. For longer session please book an appointment at my Campsie location or contact me.


Foot Therapy

Foot Therapy is an extension of Body Therapy which focuses exclusively on your feet. I use wooden tools to stimulate the joints and nerves in your feet.

This treatment is effective if you have poor mobility, issues with your feet, gait, posture and many other things. You can also just book Foot Therapy to nourish your feet and enliven long forgotten information pathways.