Nervous System Healing

What is Body Therapy?

Body Therapy moves beyond your typical massage. It is an intuitive form of body work where I facilitate your capacity for self-awareness. When we strengthen the connection to ourselves we promote the body’s ability to self-heal.

Body Therapy has grown from a foundation of Thai Yoga Massage to include intuitive energy work and countless hours of study and exploration of human anataomy, physiology and stress.

Body Therapy sessions are full clothed, deeply relaxing sessions of acupressure techninques and guided body awareness. Common feedback includes a sense of lightnenss, yet very grounded and deeply peaceful.

Gentle Massage

Unlike common forms of massage, Body Therapy never provokes pain or tension, but rather ensures the nervous system can stay in a rest & digest (parasympathetic) state which is often the opposite of how we spend most of our days in the fight, flight or freeze (sympathetic nervous system).

Body Therapy is suitable and highly effective for people who experience fibromyalgia, chronic pain or high sensitivity or sensitivity to touch.

Body Therapy in Campsie

Body Therapy sessions are held at my home studio in Campsie. No two sessions are the same. 

Body Therapy sessions are fully clothed and there are no oils used. 

Your session may be floor based or on massage table or chair depending on mobility and my discretion.

Sessions may be booked from 1 to 2.5 hours. 

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Foot Therapy

Foot Therapy is an extension of Body Therapy which focuses exclusively on your feet. I use wooden tools to stimulate the joints and nerves in your feet.

This treatment is effective if you have poor mobility, issues with your feet, gait, posture and many other things. You can also just book Foot Therapy to nourish your feet and enliven long forgotten information pathways.