Body Therapy Packages

The Hearth Package – A Foundation for your Fire

The Hearth Package is a foundational experience of 4 consecutive 60 or 90 minute sessions held weekly or fortnightly so that your being can receive a deeper, more permanent full body reset. 

Repeated sessions close together allow me to work a deep reset and teach your cells a ‘new normal’ which is clear, light, grounded, calm and energised. From here, your energy will be familiar to the work and respond quicker, and more readily each time we meet. The effects of each session will last longer too, as your cellular memory relearns what internal balance feels like. From the moment you commit to The Hearth Package you can notice shifts in your energy state as your cells are already receptive and open to releasing what you no longer need to hold, before we even begin a session. 

Our cells need clear & consistent communication to change habitual emotional states, behavioural patterns or physiological ailments that we no longer wish to have dominating our day-to-day life. The first step towards this change is deciding to change your trajectory. The second step is taking action.

Our bodies are our vehicle for this lifetime and as we go through the journey we can accumulate stagnant residue of various experiences that can influence and impact our life in ways that we feel stunted or restricted. Body Therapy sessions work through the somatic body to heighten internal awareness, balance the nervous system, increase blood flow and nervous system information flow so that we can release that which has been held on to unnecessarily.

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Body Therapy Testimonials

“When I first experienced Body Therapy I had no idea what to expect! I was thinking it was going to be something like a deep tissue massage but it was entirely different! At first I was surprised by Megan’s super soft touch, but very shortly I started to feel my body relax and release tension in a way that I had not experienced in regular massages!
By the end of the session not only was my body feeling a deep sense of rest it had not felt for a while, but my mind had also quietened. I had managed to go inwards, which at the time was no easy feat for me!
Since that first time, I have been having regular treatments with Megan and I have to say regular treatments made a significant difference on the level of back pain, tension and general unease I was feeling and I would highly recommend body work to anyone, whether you are a newbie to energy practices like I was or you’re a seasoned expert.
I would also add that Megan’s intuitive touch, her in depth knowledge of the human body and down to earth nature, make this experience not just a delight but also super informative!”