What is Body Therapy?

Body Therapy is intuitive body work that hones in on the nervous system and its ability to bring body and mind back into balance through a state of deep rest and relaxation. When your brain receives the message that you are safe, your nervous system permits the flow of energy and nutrients towards the life giving organs to increase.

Body Therapy is a gentle and nurturing fusion of acupressure techniques and energy healing that bring you back into balance. The techniques I use draw upon Thai Yoga Massage, Qigong, Yoga, anatomy, physiology, the neuroscience of stress and trauma as well as much of my own experience.

thai yoga massage bw
thai yoga massage bw

Who is Body Therapy for?

Body Therapy is for absolutely anyone who is looking for a gentle body work that tunes in to the various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body.

Body Therapy can help if you are experiencing stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, low energy, low motivation and many other ailments.

It is also a practical resource for regular self-care to rebalance your nervous system and release excess energy that no longer serves you in living your ideal life. 

What can I expect in a Body Therapy treatment?

Body Theapy sessions are fully clothed and often floor based, although can be accomodated to your mobility and physical requirements. Expect to feel deeply relaxed, light, calmly energised, grounded, and peaceful.

Body Therapy doesnt focus on, or try to ‘fix’ a physical condition, injury or concern. There’s no poking and massaging of knots – it’s completely pain-free. The gentle work brings your body into a state of deep rest which encourgaes your body’s natural healing ability by releasing stress and promoting blood flow.

The gentle work brings your body into a state of deep rest which encourgaes your body’s natural healing ability by releasing stress and promoting blood flow.

thai yoga massage bw

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Body Therapy different to massage?

It’s next level! Massage often focuses on the muscles or just one aspect of the body systems whereas Body Therapy is truly holistic and often more gentle.

What are the benefits of Body Therapy?
  • Improved sense of peace and calm
  • Deep relaxation
  • Balance Nervous System response
  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Increase body awareness
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve mobility
  • Improve organ function
  • Detoxify body & mind
  • .. I could go on forever!
Who will benefit from Body Therapy?

Body Therapy is for anyone & everyone but perhaps one or more of the following points will resonate with you.

  • You feel tired, stuck or depleted often.
  • You want a stronger connection with your body.
  • You feel the need to relax.
  • You seek to improve your blood flow, mobility and immunity.
  • You have tired or tight muscles
  • You experience chronic fatigue or pain.
  • You experience stress, anxiety or depression.
  • You’d like to book some ‘me time’
What should I wear?

Body Therapy sessions are fully clothed. Wear something comfortable that you can easily move around in. If it’s cold wear something warm. 

Do you use oils for Body Therapy?

Generally, no. Body Therapy sessions are fully clothed and involve acupressure and other techniques which don’t require oil to adjust the body. Sometimes diluted essential oil sprays or drops are used to stimulate a sense of calm and relaxation.

Is Body Therapy safe during pregnancy?

Yes! Please let me know if you are pregnant and I can adjust for your session. You can even be seated comfortable if laying on your back or side is no longer comfortable for extended periods of time. 

What people are saying about Body Therapy

Wow!! What a magnificennt experience for me having my feet cared for!! I slept blissfully & woke up with lots more energy. Thank you for your kindness & generosity!! I look forward to my next blissful session with you.


When I first experienced Body Therapy I had no idea what to expect! I was thinking it was going to be something like a deep tissue massage but it was entirely different! At first I was surprised by Megan’s super soft touch, but very shortly I started to feel my body relax and release tension in a way that I had not experienced in regular massages!


If you’re looking for a body therapist who can help you achieve a deeper sense of well-being, Megan is the one to see. She is truly a master of her craft and a fountain of knowledge. I feel incredibly grateful to have found her and look forward to many more sessions in the future.


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